How can you adapt to any interviewer in a sales meeting?

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(The DISC Method illustrated )

When you know what kind of person you're talking to, it's easier to adapt your speech. The DISC method is just the thing to get to the heart of the matter. It divides prospects into 4 different profiles: Dominant, Influential, Stable and Conscientious. Know which category the person in front of you fits into; understand their expectations, their needs, what's important to them. Then adapt your behavior to ensure a better exchange and a relevant sales plan.

The importance of psychology in sales

In sales, closing a sale relies heavily on psychology. Indeed, our character has a huge influence on our behavior. Some people are dynamic and lively, others exuberant and sympathetic, still others reserved and good listeners, while others are more Cartesian and pragmatic. Knowing the dominant character of the person you're selling to enables you to address them in the way that suits you best. The aim is to win them over and get them to buy, without rushing or forcing them.

The importance of knowing your contact's profile

Depending on the customer's profile, you won't address them in the same way. Discover the different DISC profiles to learn how to adapt your sales pitch.

The Dominant profile

A dominant person likes action. In a hurry, they get to the point and expect results. That's why customers whose character fits this category like to remain in control of the situation...and the conversation. The salesperson in front of them must therefore be convincing and substantiated, as well as firm. The strategy is to let the customer take the lead, while offering alternatives.

The Influent profile

This personality is particularly optimistic, but rather narcissistic. Hating conflict, she knows how to convince others to work with her. To be able to convince her in turn, you need to follow her lead, but be able to reframe her to get back to the issues that interest you. Let her do the talking and stay friendly. But above all, sell her your dream.

The Stable profile

Stable people like to work as part of a team. They take their colleagues' opinions into account before making decisions. That's why you can present him with your previous customers' opinions on the product while selling its reliability.

The Conscientious profile

If ever there was a rational person, it's the conscientious one. He needs to follow rules and procedures to feel confident. All the salesperson has to do is present a detailed, precise and thorough sales pitch.

The importance of knowing your sales profile

It's essential to know the profile of your contacts. But first of all, know your own. Determine which profile you belong to, so you can understand your reactions and know how to adapt. The more you know about yourself, the more you'll be able to respond to your customers and prospects.

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