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About Salesrise

+35 years' cumulative successful experience.

35 years' successful experience in startups such as Gymlib, Effluent and Odoo.

+50 tools mastered

Tech prospecting tools (LGM, Waalaxy,Lemlist,...) & CRM (Hubspot,Odoo, Pipedrive).

4 languages spoken

English, French, Dutch and Spanish.

100% practical

We go out into the field and support you with concrete demos.

1 Customized Sales Playbook

You document all your processes in a single playbook, enabling you to -scalaryour business.

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Meet The Team

Surround yourself with sales experts to accelerate your growth


Juan Schmitz

company's founder

Nearly 15 years' successful experience in various SMEs and startups (Gymlib, Odoo, Systemat, etc.) in sales and management positions. He has made a major contribution to the development of these success stories, as well as to a number of fund-raisings. He holds an MBA from EPFL and Ichec, and has recently completed training in growth hacking.

Juan has always had a passion for sales, people and entrepreneurship. When he's not passing on his passion, Juan divides his time between his family, friends and sporting activities. In 2021, seeing that too many companies were failing due to structural sales problems, Juan decided to set up his own business.


Manuel Martin Rabadan


Manuel Martín-Rabadán, a sales expert with over 15 years' experience, is recognized for his ability to develop high-performance teams and drive revenue growth. His leadership has propelled startups to success, from $500,000 to $30 million in sales in just four years, in sectors as diverse as technology, sports and hospitality.

His passion for operational excellence and commitment to the success of his teams make him an invaluable asset to any organization seeking to thrive in a competitive business environment.

Who are we?

Our Mission and Vision

We found that founders of SMEs in the Tech sector who weren't necessarily salespeople at the outset needed support to structure their commercial growth.

We wanted to share our experience to help them optimize their sales force and sales process.


We help you improve your sales strategy and coach your sales teams.


Helping highly innovative companies become sales machines.

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Become the essential sales partner for SMEs and BtoB Start-Ups in the Tech sector.

Our values

Adventure and precision

L'ntrepreneurship andspirit of initiative is part of our DNA. We want to live it and share it share it with you.


We are passionate about sales, marketing and entrepreneurship. We want to pass on all our know-how to make our partners self-sufficient and successful.


Alone we go fast, together we go far. This adage applies not only in business, but also in life. We can't move forward without you, and it's together that we build our successes.

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We want to fundamentally improve your business through our support. Let's grow your business together.

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When you choose SalesRise, you choose unique, personalized and effective sales coaching. What sets Salesrise apart is our ability to deeply understand the specific challenges of each sales team and tailor our coaching accordingly. Our expertise is based on years of experience in coaching and managing sales teams, enabling us to provide concrete strategies and practical solutions for every situation. Salesrise focuses on people rather than traditional sales techniques, promoting the development of individual skills and collective effectiveness. When you choose Salesrise, you benefit from tailored support focused on tangible results, with payment conditional on observed improvements.


Frequently asked questions

Our sales consulting team at Salesrise consists of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the sales domain. They have successfully worked across a variety of industries and contexts, enabling them to bring diverse perspectives and effective solutions to our clients.

Our sales consulting team works closely with businesses to understand their specific sales objectives. Leveraging their expertise in market analysis, sales strategy, and business development, they provide personalized advice and action plans to help businesses achieve their growth and success goals.

A sales strategist specifically focuses on developing strategies to enhance a company's sales performance, including revenue generation, customer acquisition, and sales growth. On the other hand, a marketing consultant primarily focuses on promoting and marketing the company's products or services, using marketing and communication techniques.

It all starts with listening carefully