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Salesrise helps you exceed your sales targets with ex-Sales Managers who specialize in your sector and sell alongside you.

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Sales experts to support your sales team.

Salesrise revolutionizes sales coaching by focusing on human and emotional development, rather than outdated techniques. Our unique method, based on the identification of individual strengths and 100% hands-on coaching, guarantees concrete results that pay for success. Join us to transform your sales team and inspire your customers to buy.

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Frequently asked questions

Our sales training courses offer several key benefits

Acquisition of essential skills

We equip you with the skills you need to succeed in sales, from prospecting to closing.

Performance enhancement

Our programs are designed to transform your sales people from competent to successful, by providing them with the most effective sales knowledge and techniques.


Our training programs are tailored to the specific needs of your team and industry, ensuring maximum relevance.

Return on investment

We are committed to providing training that delivers a tangible return on investment, by increasing sales, improving customer satisfaction and boosting your team’s productivity.

Our sales training courses are designed to be results-oriented and deliver a measurable return on investment. Here’s how we do it:

Needs analysis

We start by understanding your business objectives and the challenges your team faces, so we can design training programs to suit.

Effective teaching methods

Our training courses combine proven pedagogical approaches with interactive techniques to ensure maximum knowledge retention.

Follow-up and evaluation

We monitor each participant’s progress throughout the program and evaluate performance to identify areas for improvement.

Measuring results

We evaluate the impact of our training courses on key performance indicators, such as sales, customer satisfaction and loyalty, to ensure a positive return on investment.

Coaching lasts between 3 & 12 months, in order to bring about lasting change. The duration depends on the scope of the mission and the size of the sales teams in place. More than just training, we can work with your teams in 3 areas:

Sales strategy and processes
Talent & skills identification
Sales performance, as measured by key performance indicators (kpi).

Coaching ends once the sales team has achieved its objectives and is autonomous. In other words, unlike conventional training, we make ourselves non-essential, and together we ensure that what has been set up is carried out.

This support is aimed at SMEs and start-ups wishing to surround themselves with sales experts who can accelerate and internalize their growth. Or large companies wishing to challenge the status quo and/or benefit from an external viewpoint promulgated by sales experts.

Excluded are companies that :

Have not yet sold.
Are active in unethical sectors.
Have no desire to improve or challenge themselves.
Do not wish to make a lasting impact.

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