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Salesrise helps your sales force to exploit their potential and sell more, by supporting them in the field.

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Why us?

Our added value in sales training

At SalesRise, we believe that the secret to successful selling lies in human understanding and development, not outdated sales techniques. Founded 20 years ago by sales and coaching enthusiasts, our company's mission is to radically change the way sales teams are trained and managed.

Personalized and Practical Coaching

Juan focuses on coaching that is tailored to each individual and each team, emphasizing practical, on-the-job methods rather than theory. It's a tailor-made approach, taking into account the specific needs of each client.

Measured performance

Juan's approach is focused on concrete, measurable results. He is committed to making tangible improvements in the sales performance of the teams he coaches, with rigorous progress monitoring.

Payment conditional on results

Unique in his field, Juan offers a success-based compensation model. Clients only pay if significant improvements are observed, underlining his confidence in the effectiveness of his coaching and aligning his interests with those of his clients.

We empower you

We adopt a three-step coaching method, centered on identifying individual strengths, real-time on-the-job support, and personalized follow-up. Our aim is to make each sales team autonomous, efficient and sustainable.

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We transform sales teams through innovative coaching that focuses on people and tangible results.

SalesRise revolutionizes sales coaching by focusing on human and emotional development, rather than outdated techniques. Our unique method, based on the identification of individual strengths and 100% hands-on coaching, guarantees concrete results that pay for success. Join us to transform your sales team and inspire your customers to buy.

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Your sales reps rely on knowledge, not theory.

Discover with SalesRise how sales intelligence and a 'People & Process' oriented strategy can transform your B2B tech and digital teams into high-performance sales powerhouses. We'll work with you to draw up a customized plan, from a thorough assessment to the consolidation of acquired skills, over a tailored period of 3 to 9 months. Our commitment? A 'success fee' that guarantees our investment in you to deliver measurable, significant results. More than 100 sales coaches and 30 transformed companies testify to our method. Join us and boost your sales performance.


Frequently asked questions

Our sales management programs offer several key benefits:

Acquisition of essential skills: We equip you with the necessary skills to succeed in sales, from prospecting to closing. Performance enhancement: Our programs are designed to elevate your sales team's performance by providing them with the most effective sales knowledge and techniques. Adaptability: Our solutions are tailored to your team's specific needs and industry, ensuring maximum relevance. Return on investment: We are committed to delivering solutions that offer tangible return on investment by increasing sales, improving customer satisfaction, and strengthening your team's productivity.

Our sales management solutions are designed to be results-oriented and deliver measurable return on investment. Here's how we achieve that:

Needs analysis: We start by understanding your sales objectives and the challenges your team faces, in order to design customized training programs. Effective teaching methods: Our solutions combine proven pedagogical approaches with interactive techniques to ensure maximum knowledge retention. Follow-up and evaluation: We track each participant's progress throughout the program and evaluate performance to identify areas for improvement. Results measurement: We assess the impact of our solutions on key performance indicators, such as sales, customer satisfaction, and retention, to ensure a positive return on investment.

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