What tools can you use to generate sustainable growth?

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Do you fall into the category of startup or SME and want to generate more growth for your business? Today's world is driven by technology, and using marketing strategy tools is the most effective way to achieve your goals! If you needhelp deciding which tools to choose, this page is the ideal guide.


LinkedIn is one of the world's largest professional social networks! This digital community has over 150 million users in 200 countries, and is aimed at companies, business people, job seekers and recruiters. Each user has his or her own personalized page, on which all his or her information is displayed. So if you're a company looking to expand, this will be the most effective tool for launching your business. It's designed for both professional and commercial relations, so you can use it to present your products, contact new collaborators, or even post recruitment announcements. Most professionals use it to launch their brand and gain visibility, so they can grow their business.

By analyzing the above-mentioned points, LinkedIn allows you to benefit from the following advantages:

  • launch a brand on the Internet,
  • create a professional network to bring together employees, customers, partners, sponsors, etc.
  • personalize and update company profiles for events, projects, offers, etc.
  • stand out from the competition and gain visibility,
  • participate in discussion groups,
  • share experiences such as videos, performances, etc.
  • get a resume online,
  • have a huge agenda: LinkedIn provides a tab 《se connecter》sur les profils des membres. You can click it if a profile interests you, and it will integrate your network. What's more, you'll be able to access a search tool to easily find contacts that might interest you.


Phantombuster is an online prospecting tool for businesses! It's one of the most effective solutions for automatically processing tasks with marketing action tools. The application records the data circulating on different websites, and exploits it with the aim of satisfying your customers and subsequently improving sales. This automatic filtering performed by phantombuster is based on comments, visitor profiles, messages, etc.; but it also analyzes companies' best offers and gives a result on the best way to compete with them.


When using online prospecting tools, the results can sometimes get mixed up when the tool registers contacts that don't match the profiles of the customers or potential collaborators you're expecting, and you run the risk of sending automated messages to the wrong person, for example. That's why it's a good idea to use a filtering tool like evaboot! You'll avoid wasting time with this kind of error, and the very fact of making a mistake about who you're sending to can also make you look bad.

Evaboot cleans, extracts and filters all the information that passes through your search tools. According to a statistic on the effectiveness of prospecting applications, just over 30% of results contain errors concerning targets, and this is what evaboot helps to correct.


When it comes to online marketing tools, lemlist is always at the top of the list! It's a prospecting software specialized in outreach e-mailing. Thanks to an intuitive interface and a complete software system, you'll be able to personalize and automate your sales prospecting image. When you choose lemlist, you'll benefit from high-performance support with numerous integrations, which will be made available to your customers and visitors.

With lemlist's practicality, your company will be able to achieve a higher click-through rate and a better open rate, which will lead to a greater number of customers. This means your B2B targets can be extended to include agencies, sales and marketing teams, etc.

The tool is programmable, allowing you to send automated sequences. It also features several functions that allow you to track the progress of your marketing actions. These include opening rates, customer response rates, click-through rates, etc.

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