What processes do you need to put in place to generate more than 20 qualified B2B leads per month?

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Do you want to generate more than 20 B2B leads a month to grow your business?

The basis will be in the art of attracting customers through marketing and sales techniques.

B2B lead acquisition methods

Before getting into acquisition techniques, it's important to clarify the difference between a prospect and a lead. A prospect is a potential customer who shows a definite interest in your brand or products, but a lead is just a contact in your database, following an event or a response to an advertising e-mail. Nevertheless, your objectives will remain the same for both! It's all about the customer conversation. Acquisition techniques are therefore as follows:

Know your targets

To attract B2B leads effectively, you need to know their needs and interests! It's not a question of making as many sales as possible for general needs, but of meeting specific needs in order to attract your targets.

Quality over quantity

A lead conversion strategy must be based on the quality of your offer. These are professionals who are likely to enter into a lasting business relationship with your company, so you need to do everything you can to attract them with the quality of your offers and services.


Sales prospecting is the most effective method of attracting B2B leads! This includes social selling, which is currently at the forefront of new technologies, enabling you to get the best results from your communication tools and control your flow.

The first step is to create a professional account for your company (Facebook, Linkedin, etc.). Make sure you stand out from your competitors by publishing original, high value-added content. Then, animate and energize the account. Publish your best offers by posting videos, images or even links, with content likely to attract leads; hence the importance of knowing their centers of interest. You also need to interact or program automatic response tools with your leads. Interaction is particularly important for real-time conversations, comments and so on.

For social selling, you have a wide choice of social networks, but nothing prevents you from creating accounts on all of them. Nevertheless, when it comes to prospecting for a business account, the best is Twitter. In particular, it allows you to make remarkable chats, with the use of hashtags, bookmarks and so on. Also, customers don't hesitate to give feedback with their experiences and feelings.

Marketing automation

This is a direct approach to B2B targets, characterized by the automatic sending of e-mails. These can be used to send promotional offers, partnership offers, organizational offers and so on. This kind of strategy enables you to generate dozens of leads in a short space of time, when your marketing methods are attractive and effective.

Use prospecting tools

There are a number of prospecting applications available today, featuring artificial intelligence and customization options. These applications provide interfaces enabling you to automatically contact a large number of leads at the same time. These include, for example, the automatic sending of marketing emails, the sorting of mail to be sent according to lead category, the management of appointment scheduling, the personalization of notifications, and so on.

Make friendly contact with leads

Once you've made your presence felt through prospecting, continue to engage with your leads to build loyalty and eventually convert them into customers! These are dialogues between human instruments that help build friendly relationships and win their trust. Get to the heart of the matter by giving every customer a voice! Take into account their opinions and expectations with regard to your company's development, solve any problems they may have, and so on. Since this is a professional relationship, it's important not to waste your leads' time by directly targeting the points that are essential to them.

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