Becoming a market leader, which commercial strategies to adopt?


Becoming a market leader, which commercial strategies to adopt?

Is your business successful and do you want to become the market leader? Your success will depend on the marketing strategies you adopt! Follow our tips to achieve this goal.

The ABM strategy

Account-Based Marketing or ABM is a very effective marketing technique, aimed at targeting pre-identified customers in order to retain them and monopolise them for your business. It allows you to avoid wasting time selling your products to a popular mass that has not yet been filtered. The sales offer is thus based on the quality of the relationship, with services or products aimed at customers with a high purchasing potential.

The characteristics of the ABM action are as follows:

- A discreet method: ABM marketing focuses only on relevant targets that are likely to become customers, and it does not make much noise to attract the masses, as in the usual commercial processes.

- The use of business intelligence: ABM focuses on the personalisation of interactions, marketing content and the customer journey.

In practice,

Here are the different steps you need to take to apply ABM in your organisation:

- Customer identification: the aim of identification is to find out who might buy your company's products. It is not a question of determining a category of B2B customer for example, but of making a list of names by name.

- Research: From your list of identifications, it is essential to know everything about your targets. For example, the names of the managers, recent news about the B2B customer, the specifics of their sector of activity, etc.

- Define the objectives: once you have filtered your targets, you need to know what to do with them! You have a lot of choices, such as inviting them to an event or seeking appointments or signing them up as subscribers to your site, etc. This definition is particularly important, as it will help you to structure your marketing strategy.

- Plan the strategy: after the above objective, you can now move on to setting up an organised approach. This will involve defining the interactions, preparing the campaign, preparing high value-added content, etc. The planning must be very precise in order to achieve an effective strategy.

- Creating content: this stage is already part of the production phase. It involves newsletters, white papers, personalised goodies, social selling, etc. These are the best weapons to launch your brand image and company name, but just make sure to establish a fluidity between your communication, sales and marketing branches.

- Measuring results: the results allow you to know the effectiveness of your sales strategy, and to plan any corrections or readjustments. This includes the engagement of prospects on social networks, appointments obtained, etc.

Influencing its market positioning

The techniques for becoming a market leader do not stop at the marketing strategies you prepare, but you must also assert yourself to have a better positioning. This includes your visibility on the internet.

Work on the SEO or natural referencing of your site

Usually, Internet users who are likely to become potential customers automatically trust the first results that appear in the search bar when they are interested in a product. This will be the advantage of gaining visibility in your sector of activity. It will be a question of working to the maximum on the referencing of the products and services that you publish on your company's website.

Strengthen your presence on social networks

Social networks are currently the best marketing tools for launching your business! It is therefore obvious that this tool is one of the most effective elements to position yourself at the forefront of the market in your sector. Create an online community, and make sure you always feed and animate your company's accounts. Be present on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and interact with your customers and visitors. Post offers, videos, photos, event advertisements, etc.

Search for customer reviews

To become a market leader, you need social proof! People need assurance when they buy new products. So make sure you get positive reviews of the quality of your products and services, and publish these results to increase your brand image.

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