The founder of Salesrise

I am Juan Schmitz, I have worked in companies that have become success stories

I have nearly 15 years of successful experience in various SMEs & Startups(Gymlib, Odoo, Systemat,...) in sales and management positions. I was able to contribute to the development of these success stories as well as to numerous fundraising events. I have an MBA from EPFL and Ichec and have recently completed a training in growth hacking.

I have always developed a passion for sales, people and entrepreneurship. When I'm not transmitting my passion, I share my time between my family, my friends and some sports activities. 

Juan Schmitz

Founder of SalesRise

Our team


Juan Schmitz

company's founder

Nearly 15 years of successful experience in various SMEs & Startups (Gymlib, Odoo, Systemat,..) in sales and management positions. He has greatly contributed to the development of these success stories as well as to numerous fundraising events. He holds an MBA from EPFL and Ichec and has recently completed a growth hacking course.

Juan has always had a passion for sales, people and entrepreneurship. When he is not passing on his passion, Juan divides his time between his family, friends and sporting activities. In 2021, seeing that too many companies were failing due to structural sales problems, Juan decided to start his own business.

Salesrise Amaury de Beauffort

Amaury de Beauffort


Lulled by the digital world since 2000, self-taught and born entrepreneur, Amaury is the founder of, a digital and human agency.
His objective is to accompany companies in their digital transitions, in a very practical and playful way. 

From simple websites to e-commerce, via ERP, Amaury knows how to guide entrepreneurs on all the necessary points, visible and invisible, in the creation of their online business.

The diversity of the projects in which he participates gives him a remarkable speed of understanding and adaptation.

Salesrise - Amato LIZZA

Amato Lizza


An expert in digital strategy, Amato has worked for over 20 years in the retail sector, holding various management positions. For the past 10 years, Amato has been using his analytical skills and knowledge of digital marketing to help various SMEs, start-ups and public figures. 

Through these different activities, Amato has collaborated with more than 100 companies, invested more than 10 million € in advertising campaigns and generated a cumulative turnover of more than 300 million €. 

Salesrise in a few words


To become the key business partner for SMEs, StartUp BtoB in the Tech sector.


Helping highly innovative companies become sales machines.


We help you improve your sales strategy and coach your sales teams.

Why did you found Salesrise?

I noticed that the founders, SMEs in the Tech sector who were not necessarily salesmen at the base, needed support in order to structure their commercial growth.

I wanted to share my experience to help them optimize their sales force and sales process.



We want to fundamentally improve your business through our support. Together let's grow your business.


We are passionate about sales, marketing andentrepreneurship. We want to pass on all our know-how in order to make our partners autonomous and successful.


Entrepreneurship andinitiative are part of our DNA. We want to live it and share it with you.


Alone we go fast, together we go far. This adage applies not only in a company but also in life. We cannot move forward without you and it is together that we build our success.

Our experience

+ 15 years successful sales & management experience
Generate + €10 million in sales
Cumulative fundraising of +15 million

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